What happens after the loan application?

Day by day, many questions from our customers can be reached via e-mail, Facebook and the telephone. Some topics keep coming up. The eleven most common questions we have now put together for you. In a small series we would like to present you the answers.

Today we answer the question:

What happens after my loan application next?

After you submit your free loan request, Gandalf will begin the pre -exam immediately. In doing so, we determine what the chances are of your desired loan. A first assessment of our experts will be sent immediately by e-mail.

In the second step, the search for the optimal loan starts for you. We will give you a personal contact who will be available for your questions at any time. He negotiates with the banks for you, helps you with the compilation of the necessary documents and later takes care of your payout.

The credit experts of Gandalf have many years and sometimes even decades of experience. Surely you can imagine that in such a long period excellent contacts with banks and other donors arise. Our credit advisors use this “direct line” to financing partners at home and abroad to find the best credit for you. Much can be done quickly and easily, so to speak, “on the small service route”. That’s one of the reasons why you can get a loan with Gandalf even if other providers have already declined.

We experience again and again that even the own house bank categorically says no – for example, because of a “bad Schufa” or other unconvincing reasons. Thanks to the excellent contacts of the credit consultants, however, Gandalf often still manages to achieve a quick loan commitment.

More than 100,000 successful payouts and thousands of satisfied customers are the best proof.

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