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Nobody expects all of your life to have only pleasant events, so sometimes obstacles such as medical problems, damage to objects in your home or car, the inability to go on holiday with your family or friends may occur.

All of this is always about the lack of enough income. However dark the situation may seem, it is important to know that there are trusted friends who can give you small payday loans in such emergency situations.

Such a friend can be considered as the payday loan provider team who is doing everything possible to be the simplest and fastest borrower in Moldova. In the case of a payday loan application, the maximum amount that can be received depends largely on the applicant’s monthly income and other borrowing obligations. The repayment model is built on the principle of annuity (equal monthly payments over the duration of the payday loan).

payday loan provider’s non-banking financial institution is making every effort to win the trust of its customers and to keep them alive, so when you have any questions or want to know more about the payday loan you can get by a guaranteed instant response. Besides, their biggest goal is to be available to customers 24/7 and if for some reason they can not provide an instant response (thanks to partners-banks, shops, post office) they will do their best to offer you everything you need in a short time. In addition to all of the above, their desire is that every client puts a minimum of effort when applying for a payday loan. Thus, it is enough to simply identify it, and all other formal documents are searched and checked by them.

Why do I need a payday loan?

If you have already decided on the payday loan you need, it is important to know that payday loan provider can only provide you funding if you are between the ages of 18 and 65, you are a citizen of the Republic of Moldova or you have a long-stay visa, you have a monthly income of at least 1000 lei, you have a clean history of the credits you have made in the previous year and you have a valid bank account.

What conditions do I have to meet to get my credit?

The primary purpose of payday loan provider is to make the customer feel as informed and secure as possible when requesting a credit. Therefore, the maximum period for which it can obtain funding is between 1 and 16 months, the payday loan they can request is a sum bought between 1,000 and 10,000 lei at the first request or 1,000 and 30,000 lei if there were payday loans before. Moreover, the maximum annual interest rate is 126%, no pledge is required, the annual fixed interest rate is 17.0-19.9% ​​of the outstanding balance, and the release and the warranty commissions are based on the duration of the payday loan .

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